Friday, June 15, 2007

You underestimate the power of the dark side

I would like to start this post by acknowledging that I have been suffering from a severe case of blogheria these past few weeks. Blogheria, you know, diarrhea of the blog. And yes, I just made that up. Kind of like comamine, the coma-like state that results from taking dramamine. But a comamine is way better than a vomamine if you are feeling me. Anyway, I have been a little blog happy lately, so let's all just sit back and enjoy the ride.

One of my sisters joined myspace last night, and based on my overly excited reaction to this you would think that Johnny Damon just broke his arm. Her husband is on there too, and convinced her to join the wild masses and create an online profile for no other reason than just because it is there. Her joining started me thinking about myspace in general, and why I have a profile. After serious, exhaustive thinking and evaluation of all sides of the subject I have come to the conclusion that it is the dumbest thing in the entire world, and might actually be killing many of my precious remaining brain cells. Despite all that, I love it anyway. I love it because it is absolutely pointless. When I actually sit back and think about what I do on myspace, it is mind boggling. I put up pictures, people comment on them, I comment on other people's pictures, I comment on their pages, they comment on mine, I change my layout, I add new songs, I find bands that I like, essentially it is the biggest suckage of time known to mankind. Doesn't it sound awesome? But, it is fun. That is it, it is just fun, and there is no more explanation needed.

I have tried to get Dave to join myspace now for ages, but this has proved to be harder than getting him to admit that in those secret quiet moments, when no one else is looking, he is actually rooting for the Red Sox. I got him to join friendster back in the day, back when it was cool (yes, I just wrote that) and people actually knew what it was. He filled out his little profile, added some pictures, and then someone he no longer wanted anything to do with tried to be his friend through friendster, and he immediately wanted nothing to do with friendster anymore. Boo. That didn't make my campaign of "Dave for Myspace" any easier. He, like most people, doesn't "get" myspace. But there is nothing to get, that is the best part. Maybe that is why I am so happy that my sister joined, so that I can feel like I have dragged one more person over to the dark side and it will suck all of her brain matter out as well. Isn't that nice and sisterly of me? Or maybe I just want to leave comments on her pictures, and her profile...


Pop Princess said...

Well you def. turned me to the daarrkk side! There was actually no ther reason I joined. Thanks...I guess.

momduke said...

I realized your baby turned 2 a short time ago and you decided to clean it up but any chance you give the background a warmer white or some soft shade of green in memory of the beluga whale that died. I have a real hard time reading your blog now and am afraid I will have to give it up...Myspace sounds like the diaries of old but were not so quite availabe to the public unless a sister or brother got info and spread it around.