Thursday, July 12, 2007

Baby Steps

I had my first official photo shoot this past weekend, and it went really well. I took a ton of photos and learned quite a bit. I am surprised at how smooth it went considering that there were nine people involved, and three of them were under the age of two. I haven't really edited them yet, but this is a good example of how things turned out. Not bad for a rookie.

Not the Kennedys

I also had a chance to a do a more informal shoot with two of my nieces on my grandmother's beach on Saturday. It was low tide, which at our beach means that you can walk out for a great distance and play in the shallow tidal pools. They were looking at horseshoe crabs, hermit crabs, shells, rocks, and all sorts of other fun ocean paraphernalia. They even got to watch an Osprey diving for, and catching fish. It is the ultimate natural playground for kids.
Abby, very happy at the beach
Cate playing explorer on the beach

So yes, I had a weekend full of family, photos, friends, and two different beaches...but one of them was my own which makes me even happier. Life is good.


Anonymous said...

Great job...the pictures of Abby and Cate came out great and of course the Smith family portrait is outstanding. You done good

carolyn said...

i think they're great. and the middle picture? sooooo awesome!!! :0