Thursday, July 19, 2007

Horcrux hunting anyone?

Since there is a little over 24 hours left until the final Harry Potter book comes out, I thought we should cover some ground rules.

First, don't plan on having much contact with me this weekend. I have intentionally made no plans. I have turned down several activities because I am going to be busy. Quite busy. If your phone calls go unreturned, you now know why.

Second, do not even think about trying to talk to me about the book. I have tried to protect myself with rule number one, and all communication with me will be closely guarded. I don't want any spoilers, so I will have extremely limited use of the internet, T.V. and the radio until I am finished.

Third, I plan on using twitter to update what page I am on in the book. Yeah, I know, I am a retard, deal with it. If you are reading this weekend too (I know who you are) and you want to chat about something, check twitter first. As soon as I am done I can guarantee that I will want to talk, so let me know when you are done too.

I am so nerdily excited, but extremely sad that is about to be all over. Oh the paradoxes of my life. In the future, people won't enjoy Harry Potter as much because they won't have to wait for it. The anticipation and the wonder is a significant part of the fun. Can't you hear the conversations I am going to have with my future, currently non-existent children? "You kids have it so easy. In my day we had to wait years for our next Harry Potter." It will be my generations equivalent of walking to school uphill, both ways. Just don't blow cover, and tell them how much I really love the wait.

Happy Reading!


she's so blase said...

I too, am betwixt and between being terribly excited and wanting to read, and being terriby sad and not wanting the spectacular ride to be over. Barnes & Noble has a countdown clock on their website and it really almost makes me teary, you know kind of freaky like some people are with Disney - that's how I am with Harry. I've gone to my local Midnight Madness event every year. This year, though, I think I'm in denial about "the end". I'm actually having people over my house tonight (do you think they'd notice if I slip out at 11:30 for a few moments?) It's just as well that I don't go, I wouldn't want to break down and cry in front of all those children.

Number 4 of 5 said...

Go! Drag the girls. Now, I can't hate on Disney. I do love my Disney, maybe not as much as some people I know (ahem), but I do enjoy it. I say drag the girls, and make their asses get out of the car. She whose name we are not mentioning (Dare I say she-who must-not-be-named?) can't hate on a book I know that she hasn't read.

Maybe we could band together and get her to read the book. Convert her and her mouse into the D.A.? You give her the coin, I will call the meetings.