Sunday, July 15, 2007

Hot fun in the summertime

Even though I am not at the beach, this weekend is still going quite well. Friday night we saw "The Order of the Phoenix" the most recent Harry Potter movie. Now if it were up to me, each Harry Potter movie would be at least four hours long and they would skip nothing from the book. Since that is impossible, I am always a little bummed by all the things that don't make the screenplay. However, for all you muggles out there, like Dave, who have never read the books, this could never bug you. At least you have something.

I really liked the movie, despite all the subplots that are not explored. I forgot just how much I hated Professor Umbridge, and they conveyed her evilness brilliantly. There were times during the movie when Dave would look over and I was making evil clawing noises at her towards the screen, or muttering something about wanting to kill her under my breath. Oh yeah, I know I have issues, this shouldn't shock any of you. Her office is downright creepy, but I don't want to spoil anything so just go see it already.

The weather yesterday was amazing, so even though my bike buddy is out of town I headed out to Maryland alone and rode one of our favorite trails. The Baltimore & Annapolis trail is an old rail line converted to a biking/walking trail. Rail trail if you will. Despite the beautiful weather there were very few people out so it often felt like I had the trail to myself. My normal weekday trail, the Mt. Vernon trail along the Potomac, is inundated on the weekends with slow pokes, and serious racers. I hate competing for space, so I usually avoid it at busy times. After the ride I spent the rest of the afternoon lazily reading the sixth Harry Potter book at a beautiful park in Annapolis overlooking the South River. I am rereading the "Half Blood Prince" in anticipation of next weeks book seven release. Can you say obsessed? (Only six more days!!) So overall a great weekend so far, and today is just beginning.


Anonymous said...

I am waiting to finish reading the Order of the Phoenix so I can see the movie. She, Umbridge, is disliked for her punishment of "I will not tell lies" to Harry and I am sure there is more to come.
I am looking forward to the movie and you are lucky that since Dave does not read the books he will take you to the movie.

Number 4 of 5 said...

I have no idea how you can wait to finish the books! What are you waiting for Mom? I would totally go with you again if I was home.