Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Jenn can be punny

This past weekend my niece Ellie was fussy when my sister tried to put her in her car seat. She wasn't crying, just sort of whining and thrashing. My sister wasn't able to buckle her in, she was moving too much, and we couldn't calm her. Jenn wisely noted that she was probably hungry, and asked me to reach into her bag and crab the box of raisins. I reached down and produced a small, red box of Sunmaid raisins. As soon as Ellie saw the box she stopped thrashing. She looked at me, smiled, and reached out for the raisins. Once the little wrinkled fruit was in her mouth she was extremely excited. She stopped moving enough for Jenn to get her buckled, and was even smiling, and laughing excitedly. That tiny box changed her mood dramatically, it was amazing.

"Wow, she really likes raisins," I said to my sister.

"Oh yes," Jenn quickly responded. "They are her raisin d'etre."

She'll be there all week folks.