Wednesday, July 11, 2007

When being lazy pays off

On May 5th I went to a Kentucky Derby party that my friend was hosting. I only know that it was May 5th because according to flickr that is when my photos were taken. Thanks flickr. Anyway, I wore a pink dress. It isn't a fancy pink dress, I would categorize it somewhere between office attire and back yard bbq. I wore it for about three or four hours at the Derby party, and then changed outfits for a Cinco de Mayo party (duh, of course it was May 5th). I normally don't change outfits during the day, but it hadn't gotten a little chilly so Clarkson let me borrow something warmer. The point to all of this is, that when I changed my clothes between parties I threw the dress in the backseat of my car. Since the backseat of my car has a magnetic force field that prevents me from actually removing anything from it, the dress has been sitting there since then. Yes, two months later. It is a really powerful force field.

Flash forward to today at lunch. While eating lunch outside with a few of my peeps, we were caught in a nasty deluge. So nasty that even though I had an umbrella, by the time I walked the five blocks back to my office my capri pants were soaked. My wool capri pants. I am now calling them my stinky wool capri pants, because we all know how lovely soaking wet wool is for the senses. So whatever, I got wet, it isn't like I am going to melt, I suffer with the smell for a few more hours and be done with it, right? Um, yeah, I have an interview tonight for school. The last thing I think the woman interviewing me wants to be doing tonight is sitting in her office wondering why the heck I smell so bad. Not really the impression I am trying to make. After about an hour or so of trying to figure out what I was going to do, my husband was nice enough to offer to drive me over some new clothes. Nice chap that Dave. Then, I remembered the dress, and voila, problem solved. I walked out to my car, turned off the force field, and it is like a whole new day. I like to think that by leaving the dress in the back seat I was just being prepared, you know, like a girl scout.

Now if only I could figure what purpose that bottle of maple syrup has been serving by sliding around in my trunk for the last four months, I will be all set.

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