Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Adventures in stress management

I had one of those days today. You know, one of those days. All I wanted to do was scream at someone...no one in particular just anyone...or punch something...clearly I ate an aggravation sandwich for lunch today. When I got home and saw that my next Sopranos disk came from Netflix, it was very tempting to sit on my couch and watch the entire thing. Because really, it isn't like I haven't watched enough of them recently, or that I actually said to someone today "I have to go in there with guns blazing" like I am Christopher Moltisanti or something. The point is, it was tempting, very, very tempting to be a vegetable tonight. However, I knew that watching the Sopranos wasn't exactly going to make me want to punch something any less. Instead, I dragged my behind over to the gym...it is too hot to ride my bike...and worked out my stress on the treadmill and with some weights. Our gym tracks how much you lift through a digital system and the best part of my whole day, (besides the text Lis sent me) was signing out and seeing "Congratulations, you have lifted 5,303 lbs." 5,303 lbs! Doesn't that just sound like a lot? Forget punching someone, I just lifted 5,303lbs, I am the king of the world!

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Lis said...

Well done! Next goal, lift all of that at once... just kidding.