Monday, August 27, 2007

The greatest place on earth

On the day before my wedding I was lucky enough to take a tour of Fenway Park, with all of my girls (and Eric!) in tow. I was totally able to relax and have a good time, and didn't once think about the stress surrounding the wedding. It was genius, I highly recommend it. I am finally getting around to sharing some pictures, better late than never, non?

View from the Green Monster

This was the last roll I took of film, and seeing that school is going to be completely digital I am imaging this will be my last roll for a long time. This is the view from the top of the Green Monstah.
The little elf

I have very stringent rules about the sport of baseball, and one of them is that women should not wear pink hats. Seeing a woman in a pink baseball hat makes my skin crawl. Chicks in pink hats can't be taken seriously, because they are not real fans, they just think they look cute. This is baseball people, not a fashion show. There is one giant exception to this rule, and that is, of course, girls under the age of twelve. At thirteen, girls should be wearing adult hats, in real team colors. Abby is clearly following my guidelines, and I will be the first in line in ten years to buy her a real hat, like the one her mother is wearing. She is a real fan too.
My sister and me, atop the Green Monster

This last one is my sister Jenn and me on top of the Green Monstah. It is a shame that we don't look anything alike.

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Lis said...

Hahah. I totally looked at that picture of you and Jenn and thought, "Wow, they look so much alike. I should leave that as a comment." And then I read below and was like, "Whoah, get out of my head!"