Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My Best Friend's Girls

I went to Upstate New York this past weekend to see my best friend. Sheri recently bought a new house, and this was the first time I have seen it. We did lots of exciting things, like eating, and talking, and laying on rafts in the blow up pool in her backyard. It was awesome.

Sheri has three little dogs, and each one has such a different personality. I decided that I was going to take their glamour shots.

This is Olivia, I love her tooth that hangs out. Her tongue often hangs out too, she looks drunk 70% of the time.
Freddie, the chihuahua with a perm.
Annie reminds me if Blanche Devereaux, you know, from the Golden Girls. She is a smart dog, but she can look a bit ditsy.

Olivia gets two photos on the blog because this expression kills me.

I think there is a future for me in dog photography. I might start just posting photos of dogs on the blog from now on.


beamer said...

From now on when I'm in a bad mood I will just look at that picture of Freddie and instantly feel better. Thank you for that.

Clarkson said...

A blog of JUST dog photos! Now that would be amazing. I would spend a great deal of my time perusing said site and enjoying myself thoroughly.