Saturday, August 18, 2007

My Old Man

My Husband
Dave is done with his summer classes, so I have been seeing a lot more of him this week. He has cooked dinner every night, and when I say dinner I mean dinner. For example, last night he made chicken Kiev, scalloped potatoes, and salad. Another night this week came with homemade sangria. My favorite night was Thursday, because Dave went all out. That was the day that school became officially official for me, so we had grilled marinated steak, and pasta salad with homemade dressing to celebrate. Sounds good, right? Well, it got even better when for dessert he made, from scratch, chocolate mousse. He rocks. Oh, and there was champagne, how could I forget the champagne?

Dave loves to cook, which is awesome because I hate it. The eating part I am down with though. When we first started dating, back when he was a living with two of his guy friends in their crazy bachelor house that saw more than it's share of insane parties, Dave would often make me dinner. I remember the first time it happened, roasted pork loin with homemade raspberry chipotle glaze and au gratin potatoes, and his roommates were in a state of shock. I was in shock because I didn't know they had pots. The boys had never seen him cook like that before, for anyone, but they were trying to not be so obvious...after all, he was trying to impress me. Dave made enough for everyone, and while we were eating his roommates talked about how he makes dinner for them all time, wink, wink. I remember thinking, OK, this is very nice, and very tasty, but there is no way he is going to keep doing this, it is a one time deal to score points with his new girlfriend. Boy, was I wrong. The meals have not stopped since that first one, and there is now an extensive list of dinners that Dave has mastered. It is even more awesome because he enjoys it so much. This works out quite well for me as you can imagine.

This photo is from St. Lucia during our honeymoon, and is my Photo Friday entry for old...because Dave is now my old man. The stomach is the way to a woman's heart as well.


NTS said...

I don't really have anything to say, I just feel bad that Dave's picture has been up here for 5 days with no comment. So... um... hi Dave! Good job on the food.

Houseboy said...

Comment #2

Number 4 of 5 said...

What, no mention of BHT? Maybe a Big Head Dave joke?