Saturday, August 11, 2007

Thanks 'Rents!

My parents, as one of many wedding presents, offered to buy Dave and I a couch months ago. We, ok I, couldn't find anything for a long time. There was a close contender, but when we went to seal the deal they didn't have the color we wanted, ok I wanted. Let's just say that Dave is not the particular one in our family. It has been a frustrating process, so when we finally found one a week ago it felt awesome.


It was delivered at nine this morning, and it is soooo much more awesome in our living room than it was in the store. There was a minor scare when the delivery men couldn't get it in our front door. Luckily, they could get it in the side door, but that meant they had to hoist it up onto our stairless lanai. It was interesting to watch.


We really like the chaise part, it means that we can both stretch out and not overlap each other. The chaise is also adjustable, meaning it can be on the left or right side, convenient for when we move. It is also long enough so Dave's feet don't hang off the edge when he lays down. Basically, it is very adult furniture. After I had my excited celebration dance (which took a while), and I took some pictures, I had a moment where I really felt like a grown up. Getting married did not give me that feeling, but having new furniture does. Strange. It is also very cool that right next to our new couch, that was a wedding present from my parents, is the chair that my parents received as wedding present from my grandparents. The chair is almost forty years old, and has been reupholstered a few times, but I like the symbolism.

I am including this last picture because I want to show Clarkson the pillows she helped me pick out last night. Love me some Home Goods.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on a beautiful couch! The chocolate pillows are great and I am glad you really like it. Dad and I were talking today discussing how much we loved the chair when we got it. It fit, was comfortable and had a hassock to put your feet up. Good memories you never forget. Love done good.