Monday, September 10, 2007

I guess I shoulda known

My Dad's Ride

Today is my Dad's birthday, or as he likes to call it, the X anniversary of his 29th year. I am the only one of his five children that does not live locally, and I was feeling the burn of that tonight when I called him. My mother answered the phone, and the conversation was classic right from the start.

Me: "Hi Mom, is Dad there?"

My Mother: "Oh yeah, hang on."

My Mother, to my Father: "BILL!, PICK UP THE PHONE, IT'S MEAGHAN! Or, um, I think it is Meaghan."

My Mother, to me: "Is this Meaghan?"

Me: "Yes Mom, it's me." (Can you feel the love?)

So, my Dad gets on the phone, and we chat for a little bit. I ask him what his plans are for his big day, and he told me that the whole family went out to dinner last night. Now, the whole family is a lot of people, five children, three grandchildren, and assorted significant others, so I ask who was there.

My Dad: "Oh everyone was there, except Neil(my brother-in-law). Everyone else was there, The Whole Family was together."

Me: "Really? The Whole Family?"

My Dad: "Ayup, The Whole Family."

Me, not the least bit sarcastically: "Gee Dad, that is weird, cuz you know, I wasn't there. So I don't know how The Whole Family could have been there." (I hate being the only one left out of these types of events. I know I am the one who moved away, but I still want to be included. This is totally the little sister in me jumping up and down for attention, but damn it, that is my job and I do it well.)

My Dad, right on cue: "Oh you're right, The Whole Family wasn't there, Dave wasn't there."

Nice. Perfect even. He may be getting older, but he still has it.

I love ya Dad. Happy Birthday!

(Yes, my Dad drives a Vette. And yes, he is way cooler than your Dad.)


Lis said...

Our dads have same birthday! Weirdness. Our dads are also super cool. Though I will admit, your dad's corvette trumps my dad's madris jacket.

S. Vincent said...

to answer your twitter....Its called "charging" the mound when a batter runs out to fight the pitcher, usually after being hit by the pitch. You can also charge the catcher at home plate and try to bowl him over to get him to drop the ball while you touch home plate. Thus, making the runner safe. Made famous particularly in the movie "A League of their Own"

My dad drives.......drives my mother crazy. Oh yeah! I am on FIRE today!

Number 4 of 5 said...

Lis...I don't know dude, that jacket is pretty dope. Maybe they could combine the two?

S. Vincent...thanks for the comment, but I was being sarcastic about the charge thing. The O's, and many other teams with dumb fans, have this cheer where they scream CHARGE! It drives me through the roof, because, despite the instances you mentioned, baseball is not a contact sport...charging is for other types of events, like football, or war. But, their fans are too dumb to realize that. I get a little emotional when it comes to baseball.

carolyn said...

i love that story. your dad totally has the same saucy attitude as mine! :)

Anonymous said...

Seeing that your were a pitcher on a few baseball teams charging the mound would be a frightful event but not nearly as frightful of a mother who does not recognize her daughters voice. The mistake happens because both you and Jen sound a lot alike on the phone ...maybe you could call home more often?