Friday, September 21, 2007

La Plage

I know most of you may find this information shocking, but I love the beach. During our trip to the Outer Banks on Labor Day weekend, I took a little moment alone with the beach and said good-bye to the summer season. We hugged. This has been a particularly good summer beach season for me, and since the Photo Friday topic today is beach, I though we could spend some time together, just you and me, strolling down memory lane. I'll supply the pictures, you bring the wine, it will be fun.

Our beach in St. Lucia
This first beach was where we stayed in St. Lucia. It was soft gray volcanic sand, and the water was crystal clear. It was also calm and quiet, my favorite kind of beach. We could swim right out and partake in some of the best snorkeling on the island. There was also a "beach boy" who came and brought us yummy frozen beverages. I am getting sad already and we are just beginning.
Crane Beach, Barbados
Crane Beach in Barbados is our next stop. The water here was the most beautiful aqua blue that I have ever seen. Barbados, unlike volcanic St. Lucia, is made of coral rock, so the beach sand is a soft pink. The waves here were awesome for body boarding.
Cas en Bas, St. Lucia
I am jumping back to St. Lucia for this beach at Cas en Bas, the northern part of the island. This is where we went horseback riding, and we got to ride the horses into the water. Yes, it was as awesome as it sounds.
Back Stateside, we have two of my nieces, on my family's beach in Massachusetts. This is my favorite beach, for obvious reasons. You can't see much of it here, but it is beautiful, I promise.
Jenn's family on the beach
I also took a quick trip "Down the Cape" this summer. This is more of my family on a different beach in Massachusetts. I am very partial to New England beaches.
Outer Banks

There is an area in the Outer Banks that we have found which is both inexpensive, and mostly deserted. Crowded beaches are a waste of time, and are the norm for North Carolina. Here we have stretches of space to ourselves. It is very relaxing.
Dangerously Adorable
Lastly, the dog beach. We took Jack, Lauren's pup, to the beach last weekend. I found a great park in Annapolis earlier this summer, and aside from the bike paths and waterfront vistas, they have a small dog beach. Jack loved it. Is this not the cutest little face?

I'll stop now. I have a few trips planned for the fall/winter season, but no beach trips. Sigh.

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Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Nice beaches! Like blue baby with castle best, though they are all nice! :-D

My beaches are at Imagik. Mary