Monday, October 01, 2007

Air Force Memorial

Playing with my new lens
I have been meaning to go over and shoot the Air Force Memorial for a while. I took my new lens for a test drive this weekend, and she worked her magic for me. Some people think this memorial is an eye sore, but I think those people are dumb. That's right, dumb. It is late, and I am too tired to think of a better word than dumb, so there it is for all eternity, dumb.
Air Force Memorial

The colors of the memorial change depending on the time of day, and the intensity of the light. I love the simplicity of it, but maybe it is best if I let my images talk for me tonight.
My Rothko
Rothko anyone?


Lis said...

This pictures are fantastic! I've only seen the memorial at a distance, so this is an entirely new perspective for me. I like the memorial too. When I lived at my old apartment I'd drive by it everyday, and it creates the visual illusion of turning when you drive by it (or at least to me it does). I really like it.

Number 4 of 5 said...

I knew you weren't dumb Lis.

Anonymous said...

Hi Birthday Girl....just a few hours to go....It was a beautiful day on Oct 3 197X and a wonderful new beginning....Love you # 4 of 5...wrote to tell you that I looked at the pictures b4 I knew what it was and I felt like I was soaring into the sky. I'm sure the architect would be pleased ...but it is your picture that gave me that feeling...Good Job