Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Ants in my pants

I feel like Veruca Salt, the girl, not the band. No matter how much I do with photography right now, I want to be doing more. Right NOW! Ten times faster please, thank you. I am still shooting for the paper, I just found out that I will have my first photo exhibit, the live and in person kind, in April, and classes are going very well. I keep thinking of new avenues to try, new projects I want to work on, new ways to make this profitable for me, but these things take time. I don't want them to take time!

Do you remember Small Wonder? Think back, don't fight it, you've seen it. Well there were times when creepy robot girl Vicki would malfunction and speed up with her arms flying around. That is how I feel, except without the red dress. I need to be slow and steady with this process...learning takes time, and I shouldn't rush past this part. But does it have to take this long?


beamer said...

I think this is the place where avant garde comes from. You want to be taking pictures so bad and suddenly you're hauling a playground merry-go-round to national monuments, dressing farm animals in business suits, and developing it all with super blown-out color.

Ten points for the Small Wonder reference.

Houseboy said...

small wonder gives me the creeps. please don't mention that again. thanks. love you.