Monday, October 22, 2007

Sox Win! Sox Win!

The Sox are going to the World Series and I am not in Germany!!!! Yeeehaawwwww!! I actually got to see the final out this time too, I didn't have to get in a phone booth in the Munich train station and call home. Gee, I wonder what Johnny Damon is doing right now......mmmwwwaaahhhhhh!!!!!!

I don't know how I expected to sleep tonight, I'm all sorts of jazzed up. Dave told me in about the 7th inning that he felt like he was watching the game with Rain Man. I got a little into it. The only thing that could make this night better is if we beat the Yankees...I am not complaining though.

I am so ready to try and break that Rockies winning streak, bring it on.

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Anonymous said...

I cannot imagine you have not watched the red bloody sock game. That is why u got it. Maybe this is a new beginning ...the end of the Yankees as we knew them. I was wondering if Johnny Damon wld have run into the wall as Coco did...but we will never know as he now works for the Evil Empire.

I'll bet you are happy that your camera cannot talk back..if anyone can figure out a camera it is you. Stay calm and keep snapping new pictures. Have fun!