Monday, December 03, 2007

No, this is the post that brings me back from my blogging break

I have no idea how this Pats game is going to turn out. It doesn't look good right now, and the Patriots defense is playing like crap. However, I need to meet the moron who decided to drag Don Shula out of his grave and put him in the booth tonight. For reals. If you are going to make inflammatory comments about my team to a newspaper reporter, you best have the nerve to say it live on Monday Night Football. But since you don't Mr. Shula, and you have spent your time backtracking and covering your behind, you sound like an washed up old man.

If my husband would let me put the game on mute, I wouldn't have this problem.

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Anonymous said...

It certainly was a nail biter but all we needed was one more than the other team and we got 3. It seems the Pats are doing this of late...nail biters to the almost end. New way of playing keeps everyone in seats til the end..sells more food and beverage. As for Don Shula that is the media creating not so needed news.