Monday, January 07, 2008

Photography school might be more fun than photobooth...might be

My class has jumped head first into lighting, and it is awesome/intimidating. Let's be honest, before this class I knew next to nothing about lighting. I can play with natural light, but besides that I am about as useful as the Orioles infield minus the steroids. We are finally getting into the studio, and this means playing with all sorts of fancy gear. We set the light up for portraits, and well, you get a group of photo students in the studio taking each others pictures it can be interesting. I am completely obsessed with the photo booth application on my computer, but this is like photo booth on crack. And damn, we all looked so much better in good light. I am thinking of creating some portable system that we could all wear that would allow us to be in really beautiful light at all times. Think about it, you would totally wear it.


carolyn said...

i would definitely wear it all the time! :)

Numero Uno said...

I you could combine the lighting feature with a slimming feature - (really beautiful and thin) I would be all over it!

carolyn said...

oh yeah! numero uno, that's a great idea! :)