Saturday, February 16, 2008

Like sitting in my pediatricians waiting room

Do you remember the back pages of the magazine "Highlights for Kids"? There were two images, and you had to compare what was different about them? Yeah. Let's do that.


GAY_ShonnbrunFinal_Edit copy

I am finally learning photoshop and am having a bit of fun with it. This was from our trip to Vienna in November. I was bummed that it was so cloudy on the day we visited Schönbrunn Palace, so I was able to jazz it up a bit. Not my favorite photo, but definitely much better than before.


Lis said...

And no people in the distance, and no sign in the foreground. How many did I miss? Do I win a prize?

Numero Uno said...

Looks like you also got rid of the green bins on the left..... BTW - this is much improved from the photoshop of nearly 20 months ago - when your head just sort of hovered above Jenn's hospital bed - Good work!

Meaghan said...

Hahaha...I like these answers, but I also like the floating head..perhaps I will do more of these.