Friday, February 29, 2008

Why I love my husband, part 785

So, it is two months away, but our first anniversary is coming up. As tradition dictates, on your first anniversary you should celebrate by giving the other person paper. Being the traditional guy that he is, Dave just called to tell me that he has purchased some paper for us to celebrate with. Doesn't that sound so exciting?! I love me some paper. But seriously, it is what is on that paper that just had me leaping from my chair and making a scene in front of my coworkers. My husband just bought us tickets to a Red Sox/Yankees game, in April, in Yankee Stadium. How bloody awesome is that? I've never been to Yankee Stadium, and this is the last year it will be around. To top it off, the Nationals will be in New York that same week playing the Mets, so we are trying for back to back baseball nights. Come on, can you get more romantic than that?

It is moments like this, when I am telling people that my husband just bought us baseball tickets as an anniversary present, and I am actually excited about it, that I realize how funny my life can be. And by funny I mean awesome.

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