Thursday, March 06, 2008

Exciting news 2.0

Yesterday was the last day at the job. There is a lot to say about that, but not now. Maybe never? I don't know. My goal is to spend more time shooting, and practicing, and learning, and trying to make this dream more of a reality. I have learned so much in the past six months, and I am learning more everyday. I have never felt this focused on a goal, and often I feel like I am on a mission.

One of the steps of that mission if floating out there on the web for your viewing pleasure. I finally have a website. How cool is that?? I am geeking out about it. I will continue to add pictures as I learn more, and do more studio shoots, but I now have a place to sent clients. Hehe, clients. Oh, yeah, if you have any of those for me please send them there. Just in these past two weeks, five different shoots have fallen in my lap from places I never would have expected, so thank you to those people out there thinking of me. The bio portion of the website will be updated again. Do you have any idea how hard it is to write a short bio about yourself without sounding silly? Every time I write something new I hear it in the voice of the announcer on Jeopardy...."Meaghan is a photographer, from Washington DC, specializing in shooting dinosaurs in the studio. She is also an expert on macaroni and cheese." I am accepting any and all help with this.

I also want to post a reminder about the DCist Exposed show that opens tomorrow. This is the first time one of my photos will be in a show, and it is expected to be a packed house tomorrow night for the opening. It was written up in the Washington Post, and Washingtonian Magazine. This is where I geek out again. I know that many of you are coming, and you will be in good company because they are expecting about 600 people. If this was a video blog you would see my smiling ridiculously right now.

I have been getting a lot of support and help with these big changes in my life, and I am extremely grateful. I have many lovely peeps in my "real" life that cheer me on, but I also have some great peeps here on the blog who root for me too. I guess I am just trying to say thanks. You rock.


beamer said...

I love the website. Very clean and pro-fessional looking. Without being too sappish, I have to say that it's pretty inspirational how you're making all this happen for yourself.

I'll see you at the show tomorrow night!

beamer said...

In case you haven't seen it yet, guess who is on the front of DCist in the picture of the photo show. (you) Kudos again.