Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Oh my life is changing everyday

I haven't posted since the show, and I am trying to find the right words to describe it...awesome? amazing? spin tingling? They all work. There were hundreds of people who came to see the show, in fact there was a line to get in that extended down two flights of stairs and into the street. How cool is that? You can read more about it on the DCist website, and while you do that you can spot my smiling face at the bottom of the first picture (thanks to Bea for pointing that out). My photos have been on DCist, but never my mug...and yeah, that is pretty much how I looked all night, huge smile on my face. You can see more photos if you would like, in my favorites section on flickr.

There were many of you that came out, and thank you, thank you, thank you. It was fun to have my friends, school friends, blog friends, and flickr friends all in the same room. It was even more fun that they were trying to eves drop on the people looking at my photo. HA! That was great. My best friend Sheri came down from NY to be my wingman, she gets a shout out for being the person who came the farthest. The only person missing was Dave, which was a big bummer, but he was on a flight to Delhi during the show. Kind of a good reason.

So I hope this won't be my last show, wait, after I wrote that I know it won't be, I have one next month...haha. It was such a great start to this big change in my life. Yey!!!

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