Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Yes I love technology, but not as much as you, you see

I ordered two pairs of fabulous pants online, and on sale, the other day from my favorite store, and was anticipating their arrival at my door from UPS. As I was sitting on my couch yesterday and working, because yes, I sit on my couch and work now, I heard someone on my front porch. Now, the distance between my couch and the front porch is about fifteen feet, maybe. I wasn't sure if it was the UPS delivery person, or the mailman. So instead of actually moving my behind off the couch and either a) looking out the window, or b)actually opening the door to look, I chose option c. Option C was opening up my email and tracking the package online, which stated that yes, indeed, my lovely little brown JCrew box was sitting on my front porch. I'm not sure if this makes me smart, or lazy, probably both.


Beamer said...

Internet dependancy rears its ugly head again, but at least you didn't have to rear your... rear.

Lis said...

Ha! Awesome. I totally support your internet influenced laziness.